Irish Rail

: we have worked with Irish Rail to develop a risk management tool for underbridges and to provide risks management advice related to user operated level crossings.

Cathal Mangan

, Irish Rail’s Technical Manager: "Manex (in collaboration with NTTX) has provided Irish Rail with a level of consultancy that is both professional and highly competent."

"In particular, the intuitiveness of its staff has helped to provide insightful and intelligent solutions facilitated by a clear demonstration of understanding of their client’s needs and business."

London Underground Limited

:we work with the Underground in various aspects of their safety and business management. Examples are risk advisor to the LUL Civil Engineer and provision of tailored information management systems.

Bob Hibberd,

London Underground's Assistant Civil Engineer: “ Manex have always demonstrated a good understanding of our customer requirements and their delivery has often far exceeded our expectations. They are a thoroughly professional organisation with vastly experienced and capable staff. Thanks to the Manex team.”

Malcolm Winterburn

,then London Underground's Asset Performance Engineer: " Manex developed a risk assessment approach which, unlike other methods I have seen, can encompass the whole picture without creating excessive detail." Malcolm Winterburn,then London Underground's Asset Performance Engineer: " Manex developed a risk assessment approach which, unlike other methods I have seen, can encompass the whole picture without creating excessive detail."

Carnival Corporation Maritime Affairs

: we have provided support in evaluation of risk arising from all aspects of ship operation and management. This has included support in submissions to regulators and classification societies/authorities.

Carnival Corporation Maritime Affairs

: Manex have supported development of a suite of risk based standards to enable Maritime Affairs to gain assurance of performance integrity across all fleets while accommodating the variations necessary for effective operation within each business.

Carnival Corporate Shipbuilding

: Manex have worked with Carnival Corporation to develop and implement a risk based functional analysis tool to evaluate and optimise all aspects of large cruise ship design. This supports engineers at the shipyard in ensuring that selected options are implemented; and informs operators of the ship technical requirements at handover.

Carnival UK

: Manex have been risk advisors to Carnival UK for many years to develop and implement business infrastructure risk management. Advice has included business continuity and corporate governance advice and takes account of business, safety and environmental risk. Manex have provided tailored database tools for risk management and action tracking.

John Marden, Director Fleet Services, Carnival UK

: " Manex have helped us understand the issue of risk within our company, and have successfully assisted us in building up a risk profile for our infrastructure. They have also offered us practical advice on action planning to tackle or mitigate the risks identified."

Tom Strang

, Director, Corporate Maritime Affairs: “ Carnival Corporation Maritime Affairs value the continued support and advice we receive from Manex in understanding and managing our risks. This helps in assuring us that risk has been properly considered in the context of our management decision making.”

Note that the work with Carnival Corporation and Carnival UK was developed through partnership with P&O Princess Cruises plc (now part of Carnival Corporation).


Manex provided business risk advice and support in putting together their public private partnership bid to LUL.

Metronet SSL and Tubelines

:These are two of the newly formed infrastructure companies working in public private partnership with London Underground Limited. Manex work with them in many areas such as risk profiling the many and diverse assets, development of risk models and risk training.

Stefan Krcmar

,Senior Asset Manager – Civils, Metronet Rail SSL Limited: " Manex helped Metronet in a very sensitive area of balancing safety and business drivers. Their approach is pragmatic and flexible and their services range from practical risk assessments to strategic advice - invaluable expertise!"

Geoff Love

,Assurance Manager, Capability Upgrade, Metronet Rail SSL Limited: " Manex have never failed in any assignment!"

Tim Smith

,Assurance Development Manager, Tube Lines Limited: " The Manex consultants were clear about our needs, displayed considerable intellectual rigour, and facilitated us well to resolve complex issues whilst not trampling on individual concerns."

Some examples of other customers include:Support to

NHS Estates

in Public Private Partnership bids; risk advice to

British Airports Authority;

risk advice to

Rolls Royce & Associates;

advice to


Co in putting together their bid to

Metrolink Trams;

flooding risk advice to

Mott MacDonald