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Risk in life

We all make decisions based on risk arguments in our everyday life. Mostly, this process is sub-conscious behaviour and the reasoning process only manifests itself in the decision we finally make. Also, we all apply aversion factors (to a greater or lesser extent) in our reasoning processes. For example, we may be afraid of heights and therefore would not climb a ladder to change a light bulb. With adequate precautions, such as ladder footings or kick-steps, then the risk of injury from changing the light bulb is probably quite low but a natural aversion may lead us to over estimate the risk.

Below are examples of the types of risk decisions we make everyday. Click on a picture to enlarge:

Sun Bathing

Crossing the

Winning the

Driving a car

Life presents us with many different types of risk; risk to our safety, health, financial situation, the environment that surrounds us, etc. It is important to remember that these issues may lead to good or bad effects, for example, depending on our decisions, and the reasoning supporting those decisions, we may be run over by a bus or we may win the lottery!