What we do

We offer high quality risk advice to businesses primarily in the fields of safety and business risk. Services are supplied across a wide industry base and range from technical risk assessments requiring detailed engineering knowledge through to high level business risk advice at board level.

You might ask “Why use Manex?”. We feel that we differ from many of our competitors in that we focus our risk assessments directly towards our clients individual needs. We believe that risk management is a live process that must be individual to each company and that all risk management should look at upside opportunities as well as the potential for harm. Good risk management should save companies money through improved working practices and avoidance of incidents and losses. In many cases just a simple change in a work process can save lives and money. We believe that Manex offers a service that ensures value for money and delivery of a solution that suits your company’s needs.

We helped Carnival Cruises UK to reduce operational problems with their ships through the application of risk based ship design.

We developed a process with London Underground Limited for prioritising works on civil structures thus avoiding both unnecessary work and a random inspection/monitoring process.

There is a wealth of evidence in everyday life of how proactive risk management can be effective whilst saving lives and money.

The government estimates that front seat belt laws have reduced deaths by 370 per year and serious injuries by 7000 per year whilst rear seat belt laws have reduced deaths by 70 per year and serious injuries by 1000 per year. Apart from the social advantages, this amounts to a saving of £1,599 million a year, based on DfT's 2001 valuations for road accident casualties. Sources:

The UK breast screening programme costs £52 million per year and is estimated to save over 1250 lives per year whilst estimated treatment costs per person were £7250 in 1999. Apart from the obvious social benefits to the people and their families, if we were to value fatalities averted at £1 million (which is a conservative figure compared to most commercial organisations) then the £1250 million saved completely outweighs the £60-65 million spent.

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